Wednesday, December 14, 2016

"The Bobby Kennedy Coalition"

"'I think Bobby Kennedy would have had a much stronger appeal to the Trump kind of voter than even Barack Obama did,' Tye told The New Republic.
"He recalled that in the 1968 Democratic primary Kennedy won with conservative whites in Indiana and Nebraska, carrying county after county where George Wallace had prevailed four years earlier. At the same time, Kennedy cleaned up in the black districts of these states and won heavily in Washington, D.C.
"'At a time of huge racial strife in America, he went into black communities and white ones and said precisely the same tough message—our streets have to be safe, and the only way to get safe streets is to have racial justice,' Tye said. 'That was a message that, one could say, managed to offend white and black audiences equally.'
"And yet, that offensiveness—or, more precisely, Kennedy's willingness to tell the same hard truths to every audience—was key to his appeal."

Graham Vyse at The New Republic looks back to Robert Kennedy as a model for Democrats in the future.

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