Thursday, June 15, 2017

"These People Don't Want to Separate Church and State, They Want to Institute a New Religion, Just with Themselves at the Helm"

"If the CIA or MI5 wanted to encourage a style of 'activism' that could consume an infinite amount of energy, yet was utterly ineffective at anything other than dividing people, it would be the prominence of this very type of politics. We need politics that unites us in our shared humanity, for the 99.9 per cent to come together and fight the 0.1 per cent who are stealing the wealth of the Earth, pitting the poor against the poor and entrapping us in ignorance. We do not need politics that explicitly sets out to divide us and perfectly mirrors what it claims to oppose."

Frankie Gaffney at The Irish Times asserts that "Identity politics is utterly ineffective at anything other than dividing people."

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