Tuesday, July 25, 2017

"This Book Is About Celebrating Resistance"

"The comic book series opens a year after the release of a presidential executive order to deport all immigrants, which led to California declaring itself a Sanctuary State. 'As you can imagine, things escalated quickly,' Pizzolo explains. 'When our story begins, martial law has been in place in California for over a year. The series follows two twenty-something rebels who continue to resist, after they escape from a prison camp in Occupied Los Angeles. Working with the Pacific Coast Sister Cities Resistance, they continue to rise up against the government. … It's informed by the issues we're all currently facing and inspired by comics like V for Vendetta and films like Battle of Algiers."

Graeme McMillan at The Hollywood Reporter talks with Matteo Pizzolo, the author of the new comic book Calexit.

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