Tuesday, July 25, 2017

"This Is the Type of Speech and Exhortation to Bridge Divides"

"'We must continue to hold out to them the invitation to work with us for the common good,' he said, in contrast to Trumps rambling tale of cocktail parties, yachts and the evils of Obamacare and the media.
"'I hope that you young men in the Boy Scout movement, in this country and other countries, will take home from this Jamboree a clearer understanding of the meaning of human brotherhood. I hope that you will work for freedom and peace with the same burning faith that inspired the men of George Washington’s army here at Valley Forge,' Truman concluded in his 1950 speech."

The Bangor Daily News compares Donald Trump's speech to the Boy Scouts to Harry Truman's speech in sixty-seven years ago.

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